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Focusing on issues related to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, the aim of this publication is to pay attention to stories that are neglected by mainstream media and highlight the work of grass root and social movements. We are looking for contributions in all kinds of formats: text, video, multimedia, audio and photo. As we are an online publication, links and references to your sources are welcome. To contribute send us a pitch at menac[at]


  • Credit is always given to journalists, in by-lines and in headings.
  • Contributors should be aware of their own biases and prejudice and pay attention to the possibility that their work might have a conflict of interest. Generally, a contributor should not submit pieces where relatives, partners or close friends are the main story.
  • Contributors must always be clear in regards to information and opinions.
  • Contributors may not have been given any compensation, discounts or anything else that may be considered a payment in exchange for information.


  • Journalists should not use content from non-authorised sources (text, media, photos) without proper permission. Altered media should be labelled as such.


  • Sources are to be treated fairly and professionally.
  • Quotes can be anonymous as it often make people more comfortable speaking to a journalist.
  • Sources that are promised confidentiality will be protected.

European Youth Press
Square de Meeus
B-1000 Brussels

Skype: youthpress
E-mail:  office[at]
Phone: +32 492 556 508


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