Group three: Mobile reporting

Orange magazine organised one of the workshop during the Minority Voices study session. The facilitator was Dobriyana Tropankeva from Orange magazine

Skärmavbild 2013-04-27 kl. 15.36.42Find the full production on Orange magazine

Divided into four media teams they focused on the following stories:


The Hungarian Roma Women: A Multimedia PreZentation

by Dmitrii Romanovski (Moldova), Una Cilic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Luisa Dos Santos (Brazyl)


“No home, No job, How can we live?”

The Afghan Refugees in Hungary

by Csilla Volgyi (Hungary) and Ahmed Anchour (Tunisia)


Hungarian Jews: “We Feel Targeted”

by Lena Odgaard (Denmark) and Lukasz Cundy (Poland)


Home is where the citizenship is. Does citizenship boost ethnic identity for young trans-border Hungarians?

By Nicolina Karaolia (Cyprus) and Imran Mehr (Pakistan)


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