Group one: iMinority

The iMinority team created a website,, as a platform to present and broadcast their produced material. The videos are also availble on iMinority’s vimeo channel.

About iMinority

We are young media makers and human rights activist from all over the
world meeting in Budapest to share experiences about the effect of biased
reporting on minorities. Because of the diversity of our personal
histories and professional careers we can learn and support us in many
ways in this workshop.

Over the course of seven days we have studied media biases and minority
rights, and together we have realized a media project about the living conditions
and challenges that minorities in Hungary today face. The final result consists of
a voxpop, expert interviews and interviews with representatives of minorities in Hungary.
Together give an overview about the different opinions and perspectives
on the situation of the minorities in the country.



Name: Mikkel Marienlund Nielsen
Nationality: Danish
Occupation: Works for the Danish daily Information and has a background in human rights activism.

BA in Public Administration and Global Studies and currently writing his MA thesis on human rights and minority rights in international relations.


Name: Nara NarimanovaNationality: Ukrainian/Crimean Tatar
Occupation: Journalist and human rights activist

She studied in the History and Philology Department with the focus on English and Crimean Tatar language and literature. She was awarded with the Youth Politician Diploma, worked at the UNDP Sub-Office in Crimea (SRDC Project) and worked as Editor of and In the Crimean News Agency she worked as a journalist.


Name: Martin Hanzel
Nationality: Slovakian
Occupation: Photojournalist

He worked as a Chief Photographer for the international photo agency Szene1 entertainment in Slovakia and is currently working as a Senior Photographer at the Slovakian daily newspaper Novy Cas, published by the Ringier Axel Springer publishing house.


Name: Shadi Zatara
Nationality: Palestinian
Occupation: Youth Projects Manager, Youth Trainer, Human rights activist

He obtained a BA in Sociology  with the focus on Globalization and Youth. He worked for the EuroMed Youth Programme IV and as a Youth Coordinator at the International Peace and Cooperation Center – IPCC. Currently he is working as a Youth Projects Manager at JUZOOR Foundation for Health & Social Development in Palestine.


Name: Tamar Tomaradze
Nationality: Georgian
Occupation: Journalist

She got a MA in Journalism and Media Management and worked as a co-editor and reporter for the newspaper “Brosse Street Journal” in Georgia. She is a correspondent for the Georgian TV Broadcasting Company ‘Imedi’ and Radio Imedi. Reach her at


Name: Marietta Le
Nationality: Hungarian
Occupation: Journalist

She is working with the Hungarian NGO, she is the editor of the Hungarian page of Global Voices Online and writes articles about Hungary for their English site.


Name: Alina Rodenkirchen
Nationality: German/ Mapuche
Occupation: Human rights activist

She studied Regional Science of Latin America and established a German Mapuche network. She translates and writes articles for different media. She is Mapuche coordinator and Regional Group Leader for the Society for Threatened Peoples (GfbV). She is a founding member of the European Mapuche coordination.


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