Rethinking Journalism in action

There is not necessarily a need to look at so-called conflict zones to do conflict-sensitive reporting, sometimes a look around you is enough to find something interesting to cover. This is what some of the working groups of Rethinking Journalism did in Berlin. We joined Mathias Birsens (Germany), Agnija Kazusa (Latvia) and Dhaker Youssef (Tunisia) during their first full day of media productions.

Mathias and Agnija

Photo credit: Massinissa Benlakehal

For their piece on the situation of refugees in Berlin they are preparing visits to the scenes of refugee rights protests to interview activists. The planning was quite intense due to the time pressure and the interview schedules and trips to places where refugee rights movements are taking place had to be planned fast. But the tasks were divided quickly and a special dynamic developed thanks to the different languages in the group. Martin was able to get in touch with German spokespersons of a district in Berlin where refugees and refugee rights activists, is occupying a school and Dhaker helped with the translation from French into English during the interviews with refugee rights activists. Amdy, 34, from Senegal is one of them.

The group agreed to meet with him at the occupied school and as we arrived at the school gate, that had been locked by security, Dhaker phoned Amdy who came out. He took us to a nearby café and over a cup of tea, Mathias, Agnija, and Dhaker spoke to him about his activism in Berlin and his story of coming from Senegal to Germany via Italy.

The media production group interviewing refugee rights activist, Amdy, 34. Photo: Lisa Zeller

Stay tuned for our presentation of the rest of the stories from Rethinking Journalism.

Text: Lisa Zeller


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