Rethinking Journalism: Editorial Team

The media production at Rethinking Journalism starts today and we are happy to introduce to you our editorial team.


Joyce Taylor, editor-in-chief

A complex lass smitten with high tea and rainy gloom, Joyce Taylor was born and raised South Florida, but grew up in the Pacific Northwest and considers herself more a hippy at heart. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism & Media Studies and a master’s degree in Media Studies & Sociology. Joyce currently resides in Berlin, where she freelances as a media consultant.

Maria Wölfle, facilitator

Maria holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology and Communication Science and is about to finish her MA in Political Science. Her focus is on the relation between religion, culture and politics, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. She has been studying and working as a freelance journalist in Buenos Aires and done internships at a magazine in Dubai and TV channels in Berlin. She is currently based in Hamburg, Germany.

Assaad Thebian, facilitator

Assaad is a freelance journalist and blogger from Beirut. He currently runs a media and research center project specialised in monitoring the Lebanese media sphere ( He is a digital media strategist and trainer, a certified Google Analytics and Advertisements, and winner of the ArabNet 2013 Creative Combat.

Pascale Müller, facilitator

Pascale is a freelance journalist on MENA politics, women’s rights and Islamic terror. She holds a B.A. in Sociology and Political Science and studied at the Danish School of Journalism. Currently she fights the hopelessness of the German province in Reutlingen, where she lives and studies at the journalism school “Zeitenspiegel Reportageschule”.


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