Rethinking Journalism: Trainers

Vanessa Basil

Vanessa Bassil photo

Vanessa Bassil is a freelance journalist, peace activist and trainer. She is the Founder & President of Media Association for Peace- MAP, the 1st NGO in Lebanon & MENA region dedicated to work on Peace Journalism. She holds BA’s in Journalism and in Political and Administrative Sciences. She also earned a Master degree in Media, Peace and Conflict studies at the UN Mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica, where she has developed the concept of Peace Journalism in her thesis from the approach of a critical peace research agenda. Ms Bassil reported for five years for Lebanese and Foreign media outlets, covering social, political and youth issues and writing about peace stories.

Gulsen D.

Gulsen is a media development trainer and coach, who studied International Relations and Arabic Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam. She has lived in Cairo, Istanbul, Beirut, Amsterdam, Sarajevo, and now she is working with Syrian media activists.

The biographies were provided by the trainers.


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