“Of Icebergs, Onions, and Trees”

Here’s a recap of the first two days of Rethinking Journalism project taking place in Berlin this week.

press release
Rethinking Journalism was officially launched by project coordinator Anna Saraste at the European Information Centre.

Strangers became friends during the introduction sessions that were facilitated by Katarzyna Mortoń, board member of European Youth Press (EYP):


Participants introduced themselves to each other using a  “Speed Dating” format.

The “What is Conflict?” session was delivered by Vanessa Bassil, founder of the Media Association for Peace. Vanessa went into detail about conflict analysis tools. Did you know that icebergs, onions, and trees can be used to analyse conflicts? Participants then discussed these tools and metaphors with Vanessa and each other.

10403474_713510535406127_7176100753784515245_n - Kopie
The “Journalist as an observer or activist?” panel discussion with Vanessa Bassil; Linda Walter, researcher on European & International Politics at European University Viadrina; and Simone Schlindwein, war correspondent from the Great Lakes region. The panel was moderated by Rebecca Bengtsson, lecturer in New Media, ICT and Development at Malmö University and board member of the European Youth Press.

Day 2

The second day started off at our new venue at Rosa Luxemburg Foundation with more sessions, group activities and further discussions about conflicts and the concept of peace journalism.10613087_713836158706898_5151042783628504348_n

The day ended with a guided tour through Berlin. In line with our overall topic – conflicts – our guides especially showed us places that had a history with conflicts.IMG_1044

Text: Lisa Zeller
Photo credits: Assaad Thebian, Katarzyna Morton

*This post has been edited*


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