Rethinking Journalism: Introducing the Participants

In one week over thirty young media makers from Algeria, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Germany, Latvia and Lebanon will gather in Berlin for the 2014 session of Rethinking Journalism.

Menac introduces to you the first ten of them!

Alicia Prager (Austria)


Alicia is studying Political Science and International Development in Vienna. In the course of her studies, she is focusing on European integration as well as on the field of International Relations. Alicia is passionate about journalism ever since she worked at the students’ department of an Austrian newspaper during high school. She believes that journalists play a crucial part in shaping the public opinion and in forming prejudices and stereotypes. This makes it very important that journalists are aware of their possible influence on society.

Agnija Kazusa (Latvia)


Agnija is a freelance journalist, blogger and youth worker. In the past, she has worked as an editor-in-chief for a local newspaper, hosted a radio show and coordinated several youth projects with FEJS (Forum for European Journalism Students) Latvija. Agnija is currently involved in several writing projects, her blog being one of them. Just as she can’t imagine her life without coffee and music, she can’t imagine journalism without accurate and emphatetic reporting especially in the times of wars, conflicts, riots and tragedies.

Ahlem Henchiri (Tunisia)


Ahlem is 23 years old and teaches English. She wants to develop her journalistic skills and become more professional. She is also an active member of AJMEC in Tunisia.

Boro Todorović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Boro is a 21-year old journalism student from Bosnia who want to change journalism in his country. He aspires to be a journalist who helps people to find peaceful solutions and thus stop conflicts.

Ahmed Medien (Tunisia)


Ahmed Medien is a recent business graduate from Tunis, Tunisia. He works at the moment as a freelance marketer and writer and aims to achieving work-location independence.

Anne Steinbach (Germany)


Anne is a Berlin-based journalism student who has travelled the world for the last couple of years, and also possesses a strong passion for journalism. Developing countries, sustainable issues and the ever-changing field of journalism with its fast development belong to her greatest interests.

Irina Scheitz (Austria)


Irina loves writing, particularly about people’s realities, their culture, their fears and dreams. She studied social and cultural anthropology in Vienna and Ireland and developed an interest in societies in conflict. Irina thinks it is crucial to see the individual stories in order to understand the reasons behind a conflict.

Massinissa Benlakehal (Algeria)


Massinissa Benlakehal is a journalist based between Algiers and Tunis. His articles and photographs focus on issues relating to various social, political and security topics, as well as local development in North Africa, including Algeria, Tunisia and the Sahel. After seven years as a staff reporter for Algerian outlets, and a two-year experience with Algerie Presse Service (APS), Massinissa decided to become a freelance journalist aiming at covering conflict and war areas.

Mathias Birsens (Germany)


Mathias is studying Middle Eastern Studies in Hamburg. In addition, he is working as a journalist for the German Press Agency dpa and others as a journalist and photographer. He has been to the Middle East several times. Witnessing the Middle East conflict in Jerusalem and Ramallah, Mathias says was a breaking point for his awareness for the difficulties related to conflict-sensitive reporting.

Dhaker Youssef (Tunisia)


Dhaker is 24 years old, and he graduated last year with a degree in English business. He is an open-minded and sharing person. He has participated in many projects concerning journalism and had experience in university radio. Dhaker is active in the Tunisian youth organisation AJMEC.


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