Social media recap: 3 – 9 March!

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is 3 – 9 March.

Arabic Paris

Do you live in Paris but miss the Middle Eastern buzz? Do you know where to get the best za’atar croissant in town? Are you interested in Arabic press in French capital? Then have a look at this new blog from an aspiring journalist on Arabic Paris! Do you know any other blogs which show Middle Eastern aspects in European settings? Share them with us.

Al Jazeera

Hamas has now been officially banned in Egypt, affirming the new Egyptian stance towards the Gaza strip. How is this step going to affect the people living in Gaza? What could we expect next from Egypt’s foreign policy, regardless of whether or not Abdel Fattah el-Sisi becomes a president? Read more here.


“Equality for women means progress for all,” UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon stated today in his message in the eve of International Women´s Day today. “How true!”, Clovis Maksoud responds in this opinion piece. “Arab women’s equality is urgently necessary to achieve the goals of sustainable development. Unfortunately, what remain are discrimination, violence and inequality despite some progress being made.” Maksoud then demands for Arab states to draw policy lessons from the UN´s Arab Human Development Report. What are your thoughts on this suggestion? Read more here.

+972 Mag

“We have introduced a new culture into our conservative society, a culture where women stand bravely, gripping their cameras tightly as they face soldiers and checkpoints. Soldiers have grown accustomed to this sight, and the presence of the camera often makes them calmer, thereby preventing potential violence. Along with the video volunteers, I feel that my job is but one way of fighting the occupation.“ Manal Ja’bri, a Palestinian video journalist, speaks about her work for B’Tselem, an Israeli organization dedicated to documenting human rights violations in the occupied territories. +972 magazine took yesterday´s Women´s Day as the occasion to publish her story and her wish for a better life for Palestinian women. Read more here.


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