Social media recap: 17 – 23 February!

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is 17 – 23 February.

Your Middle East
The art initiative in the refugee camps is not only transforming them, but also giving hope to the thousands of Saharawi refugees in the midst of the desert hardship” says Agaila Abba, a Saharawi activist who was born in a refugee camp. Read more here.

“Not only did Madani document 90% of the town’s inhabitants over five decades but there are some extraordinary portraits in his archive. For young men, a studio photo was a chance to show off their muscles and goof around with props – cowboy outfits were popular – others wrestled in front of the camera.” Read more here if you want to dive in the past – or if you just want to see other face of Lebanon in the past.

Tunisia Live
Three years after the uprising, Tunisians are still in love with social media, expressing their hopes and discontent and keeping the debate sharp and sparkling. Tunisia Live offers two interesting articles on the issue. The first one lists seven influential online voices, who are bringing in new perspectives, witty jokes and alternative news updates. The second article looks into how Facebook is increasingly being used as a PR-tool by the Tunisian political class, even by senior politicians and labor unions.

“Female reporters in the Middle East have shown exceptional courage on the front lines of war, dodging bullets, fending off sexual harassment and lining the corridors of power to deliver the news,” as stated on Al Monitor. What is it like to be a female journalist in MENA? How does gender play a role in their reporting – if at all? See what the top women journalists in the region have to say for themselves in the slideshow `16 women journalists to watch in the Middle East´.

News on the trial involving former Egyptian President Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood members: The lawyers called yesterday for the judges to be changed. The reason is the judges´ refusal to have a soundproof glass box removed that, according to the lawyers, hinders communication between them and their clients. The case has been adjourned until tomorrow. This is a news piece but it also gives a good overview of information, in case you are interested in reading further into the background of the trial and the process of it. Read more here.


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