Social media recap: February 3 – 9!

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is February 3 – 9.

Your Middle East
Last month, bloggers and digital activists from the MENA-region gathered in Amman to attend the 3rd Arab Bloggers Meeting. In this article on Your Middle East, Tunisian blogger Wafa Ben Hassine reflects on her experiences at the Meeting. “It helped me understand that even using the term ‘Arab world’ can be so misleading – our region is a historically rich one where different narratives all coexist. Yet, at the same time, the issues we face are in essence very similar.” Read more here.

the menac blog
Did you notice the #FreeAJStaff hashtag? Do you want to know more?
Read this article by menac’s member Assaad Thebian.

Open Democracy
In this piece, Aiden White is talking about a meeting of Egyptian journalists discussing Egypt´s situation for journalists in the light of what he calls the “media crisis” in the country: He sees journalists being merely used as Morsi´s foot-soldiers and in the Morsi´s government “a growing threat to the ideals of the revolution”. In the meeting, the journalists “discussed how at times of national crisis media often make common cause with the state and others to defend the people and the national interest” and used examples going beyond Egypt. They also set up a range of follow-up actions that are mentioned and commented in the article. Read these actions and more here.

Al Monitor
“Media freedom in Turkey takes another blow,” writes Tulin Daloglu in her column of Al Monitor´s Turkey Pulse, now that an Azeri-born columnist for Today´s Zaman, an English-language daily in Turkey, got deported because of two tweets on December 25 last year that were critical towards Erdogan. “This is an outright chilling message to all the foreign media — name it: Reuters, BBC, CNN or others, that they should think twice before criticizing the government,” Celil Sagir, Today´s Zaman deputy executive editor, told Al-Monitor. Read more about the story and the contents of the tweets here.

The Guardian
The motorbike girl gang´s of #Morocco in pictures: British-Moroccan photographer Hassan Hajjaj photographed Marrakech´s girl bike gangs. Have a look at this selection of his series “Kesh Angels” on the Guardian.

Al Monitor
“We know that Russia is actively seeking a compromise, but Moscow’s ability to influence Damascus is probably not as great as some of Russia’s partners believe. Incidentally, the same could be said of Washington’s ability to influence the opposition.” Vitaly Namkin, from the Russian Academy of Sciences, shares his thoughts on the Syrian negotiation process and the Russian perspective. Read more here.


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