Social media recap: December 30 – January 5!

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is December 30 – January 5.

Committee to Protect Journalists
The Committee to Protect Journalists has published its annual analysis on the safety of journalists worldwide. Two-thirds of journalist killings during the year 2013 took place in the Middle East. Syria remained the most deadly place for journalists on the job, while Iraq and Egypt saw a spike in fatal violence. Also in Egypt circumstances have deteriorated for journalists amid stark political polarization and related street violence. Six journalists were killed for their work during the year. Three were killed in a single day, August 14, as they covered raids by Egyptian security forces on demonstrating supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. Read the report here.

Al Arabiya
Al Arabiya has listed the top 10 media trends of the closing year, among them the NSA leaks and mainstreaming social media. Read them here.

Unrest Magazine
“The initial steps taken by the Syrian government to join the chemical weapons convention through Moscow’s good offices undoubtedly indicate a promising sign of progress. These recent developments, however noteworthy, have very little to do with tackling the root causes of the ever-deepening conflict on the ground.” Independent peace researcher Tatsushi Arai analyses the less visible layers of the conflicts that gave rise to the violence in Syria and makes concrete proposals as on how to transcend the war into a lasting peace. Read the article here.

“Hip Hop is not dead, it lives in Palestine” Al-Monitor is looking back at 2013 with a focus on Palestinian Hip Hop culture and at the same time mentioning artists to watch out for in 2014. Have a look and listen at “Hoss Basha”, “the Eminem of Palestine”, the Palestinian-Syrian group “Refugees of Rap”, sharing their experience as refugees, and “Musicians without Borders” in solidarity with Palestine´s Deaf Community, and all the other promising artists here.

Global Voices
Global Voices Advocacy’s Netizen Report offers a weekly international snapshot of challenges, victories, and emerging trends in Internet rights around the world. This week´s report covers restrictive policies for Saudi youtubers who will soon have to obtain a state-issued permit in order to post videos, which could be troublesome for activists. In Iran, Instagram was blocked for 12 hours end of December. Experts considered this a test run for a permanent block on the side.
Read more here.

Maya Mikdashi is asking herself what she would change in ‪#‎Lebanon‬ and came up with a list of changes she considers to be “revolutionary and structurally innovative”. “The demands […] are not tied to any particular moment or political party or `side´. They are structural changes that are needed regardless of who is in power and regardless of who “wins” and “loses” this time around,” she writes. Read her 15 demands on Jadaliyya. Do you agree with them? Anything you would add? Read the article here.


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