Social media recap: December 23 – 29!

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is December 23 – 29.

24-year old Salim Salamah talks in this interview about many topics regarding Syria, such as youth involvement in the country, his peace-focused NGO Gouth, and the future. “When you have 90% of youth affected by the conflict, you have weak presence and structure of youth… For the next few years I do not know what hope I have. What I would dream of is that international organisations assess the needs of youth in Syria and offer them the support and tools to access these needs; they do not need to implement these themselves”. Read more here.

Al Jazeera
This time of the year, the media’s attention is also drawn to Jesus’ birthplace Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank. Thousands of tourists gather here annually to celebrate Christmas at the holy site. While many Palestinians make a living out of the turist business, security forces become more visible in the city surrounded by the Israeli-built separation wall. Read more here.
What are the reasons behind Algeria’s and Saudi Arabia’s compared quietness to other MENA countries experiencing political awakening and uprisings? Researcher Faisal Abuhassan starts his inquiry for an answer to the question by looking at similarities in the leadership and history of these two countries where, he argues, “leadership and a succession crisis are both immediate threats to the Algerian and Saudi status quo”. Read more here.

The founder of the Tunisian Committee for the Protection of Journalists Fahem Boukadous is a critic of Tunisia´s media freedom and was himself imprisoned by the Ben Ali regime. In the interview on Open Democracy, he reflects on the situation regarding media freedom in Tunisia today, three years after the repressive regime. “Three issues must be addressed,” he says: “The protection of journalists; legislative reform; and training and education combined with the development of economic models for media institutions who aim to promote transparency, good judgement and responsibility.” Read more here.

Global Voices
Global voices gives 7 good news items you probably did not hear about Yemen in this multimedia piece. For example, read about journalist Abdulillah Hayder Shaye who had been jailed for almost three years and who was released after three years and check out the flashmob video at the Tedx event in Aden (and the rest, of course).

Al Jazeera
In this opinion piece, Rosa Balfour compares the situation of Tunisia and Egypt to Serbia and Ukraine, and states that the EU has made many mistakes in all these cases. Her demand is that “the EU should stand on the right side of history” and be aware that the uprisings in the Arab world may not lead to democracy, but that they have definitely left aspirations and people who are committed to fight for it. Read more here.


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