Social media recap: December 16 – 22!

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is December 16 – 22.

Arabic Literature (in English)
18 December is World Arabic Language Day, as it marks the day when the General Assembly approved Arabic [singular] as an official UN language in 1973. Two more days to go, celebrations and discussions around the topic of language are already starting in social media and the blogosphere. The blog Arabic Literature (In English) casts a look at the challenges of translating Arab literature into English, and why the dialects spoken in the region are all referred to as “Arabic” rather than Lebanese, Egyptian – or Emirati. Continue reading here.

Your Middle East
Rozh Ahmad describes the distortions Western media make when reporting on the Turkish Kurds. In his opinion, journalists’ reports lack context and are dominated by just one narrative: that of Turkish leaders and the West. Ahmad writes: “Given that history is the backbone to get a grasp of the current, ignoring it so inconsiderately would in essence prevent readers from gaining an accurate understanding of what is reported. Instead, it leads to further confusion and generalizations.” Read more here.

The New York Times
The new film “Peace after Marriage” by Ghazi Albuliwi attempts to bridge the gap between Israelis and Palestinians with something surprising: humor. “My idea for peace is to create comedy,” Albuliwi says. “My dream is to have Arabs and Jews in big numbers, just laughing at the same time.” Read more here.

What do you miss most? Syrian refugees respond to this question as part of an ongoing research published on Jadaliyya. The answers vary from missing “the smell” of their home and missing the fulfillment of basic needs: “Here, I miss everything because I don’t have anything except my clothes and blanket” Read what more they´ve had to say so here.

Have you seen the hashtag on twitter #NotYourNarrative covering several critiques on Arab and Muslim (among other) stereotypes in the mainstream media? If not, you can follow it here and/or join the discussion here.

Radio Tamazuj
Radio Tamazuj is an independent cross-border radio project covering the conflict areas of Sudan and South Sudan. Its Radio Director Hildebrand Bijleveld tries to answer some frequently asked questions on their website about the conflict that started December 15 as it might be heading toward a civil war. A collection:
Is South Sudan going to have a new civil war? What can be done to avoid war? Is Sudan going to interfere in a civil war in South Sudan? Read his perspective here.


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