Social media recap: December 9 – 15!

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is December 9 – 15.

EMAJ Magazine
Twelve members of a Kuwaiti group called Heal Syria decided to visit Turkey and Syria at the end of June in order to help the refugees, wounded people and other victims of the Syrian civil war. This article by Emese Lorencsics is an interview with Yousef al-Sabt, one of the volunteers of Heal Syria, who talks about the five days they spent giving medical aid to the fighters and refugees, many of them under the age of 18. Read more here.

UNESCO’s Director-General Irina Bokova has expressed her concern over the safety of media workers in Libya following the murder of radio owner Radwan Gharyani on 1 December and the killing of journalist Saleh Hayana last month. UNESCO also maintains a list of all journalists killed each year. The one for Libya can be read here.

On December 1st this year, the day that marks World AIDS Day, the Religious Affairs Minister of Algeria, Bouabdallah Ghlamallah, sent out an appeal to all imams and mourchidates to cover the topic of HIV and AIDS in a tolerant way. According to this piece on Magharebia “that message was clearly understood by the imams and mourchidates.“ Actors of different sectors appreciate this initiative: “The fact that mosques are going to talk about it will help break the taboo,” one supporter says. Mahdi Hennine, a senior manager, even states that the initiative was about “restoring the mosque to its true role in society”. Read more here.

Open Society Foundation
“They generalize us. Then we start to generalize them” This video by Open Society Foundation and Amnesty International covers the issue of so-called ethnic profiling by police in the Netherlands. It affects various people, including those with MENA background. Some of them share their thoughts and experiences with this issue. Two are police officers themselves who experience this kind of profiling while off duty. Watch the video and read more about this here.


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