menac: Call for new members

Interested in media, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa? Apply as a voluntary team member of the Middle East and North Africa Committee (menac) of the European Youth Press.

Deadline: 18 November, 23:59 CET

The Middle East and North Africa is a diverse region in regards to its people’s culture, ethnicity, language and religion and so is Europe. In today’s world the two regions interact more than ever and media plays a crucial role in shaping opinions. Menac is addressing this interaction and the role of the media in it. The committee works to enhance the voices of young journalists and media-makers from across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, to promote intercultural dialogue and the development of a better contextualisation of the respective regions.

Menac organises projects such as Minority Voices for young media-makers from the two regions and is creating a sustainable network for young journalists and media-makers throughout Europe and the MENA-region. To help us with this, we are looking for new team members from December on.

Team members will be involved in the development and implementation of projects. Tasks include among others budget calculation, the writing of project proposals and funding applications, managing social media channels and the menac blog.

Menac currently consists of five members. We now would like to enhance our team with four more members. We welcome applicants of any ethnicity, religion or gender from Europe and/or the MENA-region. We are particularly looking for an editor in chief to run our blog and someone with knowledge in fundraising. However, we are open for and interested in every applicant who:

  • has an academic background of the region or experience in the fields of journalism/media or NGO work;
  • has experience in project management, especially fundraising and finances;
  • speaks and writes English fluently, knowledge of Arabic or French would be an additional plus;
  • is able to commit at least 5-10 working hours per week and interested in a long term commitment;
  • is aged between 20-35.

Menac is working on a voluntary base. However, as a team member you have many benefits:

  • gain international experience in project management;
  • work in a culturally diverse team;
  • bring in your own ideas and suggestions;
  • network;
  • work with prominent institutions such as the European Parliament;
  • go to conferences on behalf of menac.

If you would like to be part of our team please send your CV and motivation letter to . In your motivation letter you should explain your motivation for becoming a menac team member, where you would see yourself in the committee and which part of our work you’re most interested in. Deadline is 18 November, 23:59 CET.

For more information on menac:


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