Social media recap: October 14-20!

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is October 14 – 20.

Have you ever come across Orientalist stereotypes in news about #Iran? Nima Shirazi analyses in his opinion piece the Western media coverage and viewpoint around the issue of Iran’s nuclear programme talks that will be continued tomorrow Tuesday: “This Orientalist rhetoric, which serves to sufficiently dehumanize and objectify Iranians to the point where collective punishment through economic sanctions… and even threats of bombing and devastation are justified and normalized in Western commentary, has remained unchanged.” Read more.

Happy Eid al-Adha to everyone! Maghrebia reports on the holiday in the North African region and the financial constraints that concern many countries.
For example, Cheikh Tijani Fall, a Nouakchott market trader, is quoted saying: “This year, Eid comes at a difficult time. There aren’t many customers and no money.” Read more here.

“In the West, the burqa is seen as having a very strong symbolic value. So people are taken aback by it at first,” said Sabine Schiffer who works at the Media Responsibility Institute in Erlangen, Germany. “But the heroine in this story does not fit with all the clichés. She shows a great amount of strength while fighting injustice.” In Pakistan, the first episode of a TV show with a female super-hero has been shown. The creator of the series wanted to create a role model for girls in his country. But here also has been criticism on the show. Read more.

“By rejecting this membership, Saudi Arabia demonstrates an infantile protest”
Madawi Al-Rasheed writes her opinion on the country´s recent rejection of a non-permanent seat in the UN for Al Monitor. This article is a response to Nawaf Obaid´s article in the same magazine, in which he argues that a collective Arab security framework led by Saudi Arabia would help the country free itself from Western support. (Find the article here:

Al-Rashied questions whether such a framework is possible after the isolation:


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