Social media recap: September 23-29

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is September 23-29.

Creative Time Reports
Egyptian-Lebanese artist Lara Baladi writes in her photo essay about the pictures that were and are taken at Tahrir Square in Cairo and the power of photographs.
“The act of photographing became not only an act of seeing and recording; it was also fully participatory. At the core of the Egyptian uprising, photographing was a political act, equal in importance to demonstrating. It constituted civil disobedience and defiance of the regime… The camera became a nonviolent weapon aimed directly at the state, denouncing it.” Read more here

Monia Ghanmi gives a blog collection on #Syria with parts of blog posts relevant to security concerns within the country. The blog entries range from critiques to demands for solutions among citizens: “We must recognise our differences and get to know the ‘other’, building Libya will require constructive dialogue … All parties must engage in an exchange of ideas, share aspirations, and find solutions to the fundamental problems of the country,” one writes for example. Read the other ones here.

The Guardian
Nick Cohen comments on the Fifa preparations for the world cup 2022 in Qatar: many death cases of migrant construction workers are being counted. The reason for these conditions is linked to the country´s “kafala” law, restricting their rights. This opinion piece goes on to describe how the law even affects migrant soccer players and how international media attention could not be drawn to the matter. Read more details.

This is an interesting analysis by Ali Mamouri on the rise of Facebook use among Iraqi youth and how this is linked to protests and political anger. In a country with highly controlled media, many use anonymous accounts to express their opinions. Nonetheless, “Iraqis have learned very quickly how to create a `Facebook world´ and use all of the available capabilities of this network to protest”. Read more on Al Monitor.


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