Social media recap: September 16-22

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is September 16-22.

Reporters Without Borders
Yesterday, Tunisian journalists went on strike for the freedom of the press and against judicial harassment of journalists. The strike came a day after Zied El Heni, the president of the National Union of Tunisian Journalists, was freed on bail after three days in detention.

Reporters Without Borders issued a statement saying: “Placing Zied El Heni in pre-trial detention was completely unjustified and was done with the aim of silencing criticism… There has been disturbing increase in prosecutions of journalists and public figures, and this just took the already considerable tension up another notch.” Read the whole statement here.

Open Democracy
“Window on the Middle East” is a weekly series by Open Democracy collecting perspectives among its columnists regarding the events in the Middle East.

This week´s collection contains critiques on #Quatar´s oil and gas revenues by citizens and journalists, a reflection on the happenings since the Oslo accords 20 years ago, an analysis of what prayers and protests have in common with regards to the relationship between Israelis and Palestinians, a review on the reporting on #Lybia and #Syria, ending off with a piece on Lebanon´s pluralism and its connections to Western countries.

Have a look here.

TVmedrar portrayed Nicene Kossentini, a visual artist from #Tunisia. She studied art in France and is now a teacher at the Higher Institute of Multi Media Arts in Manouba. In this video she talks about some of her work, her life and why she focuses on heritage, language and history in her art. Watch the video here.

The Guardian
Wadjda is not only the first movie directed by a woman from Saudi Arabia but also the country´s first movie to be officially selected for the 2014 Academy Awards.

“We are proud of the film as an authentic representation of our country and culture and are pleased to see the themes of the film resonate with audiences well beyond out borders,” said Sultan Al Bazie, the head of the Saudi nominating committee, according to the Guardian.

In case you want to refresh your memory, this article also contains the video statement of the filmmaker Haifaa Al Mansour that we already shared. Read the article here.


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