Social media recap: September 9-15

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is September 9-15!
#Checkdesk is a live blog that allows citizen journalists to cover events and document their coverage with first account material or with content from online and social media. In addition, it puts citizen journalists in direct contact with newsrooms. Creaters claim it is not another Storify, but that Checkdesk helps especially readers to engage in the reporting process using tasks, rewards and badges. The intiative is still under development. Read more on Meedan’s web page!

Last week, six new online radio stations were launched by the Bethlehem-based Palestine News Network. Some of the new channels have special focus groups: one reports on women’s issues, another one on refugee questions and a third one focuses on farming. Journalist Daoud Kuttab reflects on the media environment and possibilities for Palestinian journalists in his report published by Al Monitor.

Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights
The National Assembly of Bahrain has published 22 recommendations regarding the political situation of the country end of July. In response, Bahrain´s Youth Society for Human Rights has recently issued a preliminary report containing the recommendations and their implementations, claiming they restrain the liberties of Bahraini people. The report can be downloaded in English and Arabic via the organisation´s website.
Have a look at this project aiming to document friendships beyond the Palestine/Israel wall (and two other major walls of our time). If you are a filmmaker in the area with a filmmaking friend on the other side of the wall this is a great opportunity for you two.

Theran’s Street Style
This is a photo fashion blog by The Tehran Times. It gives nice impressions of #Tehran´s streets, making it worth a look, even if fashion is not for you.


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