Social media recap: August 12-18!

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is August 12-18!

Russia Today
RT interview with correspondent and analyst Pepe Escobar, who talks about the lack of critical coverage of Saudi Arabia in Western media. Pepe Escobar: “There is no critical analysis about what the Saudis do in the region… There is a very strong possibility that the younger generation, some of them unemployed, connected to the internet, on Facebook, on Google, on everything, the will want something radical against the House of Saud themselves.” Read more here.
Ramzy Baroud presents a cutting analysis of the paradigms surrounding the Arab revolts and claims that the popular views are many times simplifying or mystifying the truth.
“Just because the Middle East is polarised around political, ideological or sectarian lines, political analysis does not have to follow suit.” Read more here.

Want to read more good news from the Middle East? BarakaBits is an alternative news source that brings you “all the inspiring, uplifting, innovative, spiritually and culturally rich efforts people and organizations are up to in the region”. Find out about interesting projects that don’t usually hit the headlines on the BarakaBits website.

The Economist
In ‪#‎Egypt‬, the official facts and truths are challenged by the varying narratives of the different political sides, writes The Economist.

Scarlett Coten
“My aim is to unveil men in regions where most of the time, we try to unveil women”
– French photographer Scarlett Coten wrote in a statement to her ongoing series `Mectoub´. In this series she wants to focus on the Arab male from an outside perspective and aims to reimagine the image of the modern Arab man. Does she fulfill her claim? See for yourself and slide through her series.

Human Rights Watch
“The country is polarized in a way I never imagined.” Erin Evers writes about Egypt in her opinion piece on Human Rights Watch. Having experience as a Human Rights Watch researcher in both countries, she compares the situation in Egypt with suppression in Iraq and gives her opinion on the role Egyptian leaders can play to change that. Read her full point of view here.

The National
“Have western journalists really outstayed their welcome on the fault lines of the Arab Spring?” Jonathan Gornall tries to answer this question in his article on The National. He collects the points of view of western journalists in various MENA-countries. Their views vary from “I’m not as excited by 200 people threatening to beat me up as I used to be” to “I’m very popular down there”, depending on where they are and what they are reporting on. Gornall also analyses the role and dangers of citizen journalism and gives insight into foreign journalism as a whole. Read the full piece here.


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