Social media recap: August 5-11!

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is August 5-11!

This time Jadaliyya’s photography page brings you Laura Boushnak’s snapshots from Tunisia. Her ongoing project documents how literacy impacts the lives of Arab women and girls through the lens of her professional camera, but also as smartphone snapshots taken in the streets while accompanying the women she documented during the day. See the photos here.

Film maker Adam Abdel talks about his documentary film of a Palestinian group in the town of Qalqilya who skate and do parkour in their city. “I am not an expert on mainstream media, but it seems to be a challenge here to see or read about a Palestinian story that is not tied to violence.”
Abdel sees that walls that are invisible are often greater than ones that are physical, and Palestinians are to him in this sense a case in point. “The Wall does not define 10-20-year-old Palestinian youth; rather, they re-define the Wall,” Abel says. Read the article here.

International Media Support
Investigative journalist Mayadah Daoud Hasan’s work is tough, not least because she is a woman and has to overcome a number of cultural and gender related obstacles to do her job. But at times, being a female journalist in Iraq also proves advantageous says Mayadah:
“My investigations on issues like children’s rights and women accused of terrorism could only be carried out by a woman… It’s my job to uncover the truth, and I will not surrender to the idea that women should stay at home.” Read more here.

Minority Rights Group
Check out the World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples, which is the internet’s leading information resource on minorities around the globe! It is produced by Minority Rights Group International. At the core of the online directory are some 220 of the world’s countries, including dependent territories, and about 700 minorities/indigenous peoples. It also includes an integral database of organisations concerned with minorities, and relevant publications and websites. Read more here.

“My biggest worry since the day I decided to put all my life into doing a documentary about Yemen has been whether I would be able to do this great country justice.” This day that Swedish explorer Mikael Strandberg is talking about was in 2011. He adds: “Even today, whilst writing this article the news coming out of Yemen is as always extremely negative.”
He spent two and a half years traveling through the country and working on his documentary “Expedition Yemen on Camel”. Check out his reflections.

Preview of the documentary can be seen on Vimeo

Expedition Yemen, english subtitles from Explorer Mikael Strandberg on Vimeo.

Waging Nonviolence
“In reviewing the historical record of more than 100 civil resistance campaigns between 1900 and 2006, Maria Stephan and I found that security-force defections dramatically increase the chances for nonviolent resistance to succeed.” Erica Chenoweth states in this opinion piece on Waging Nonviolence.
“But recent events in Libya, Syria and Egypt suggest that defections can also carry considerable risks for nonviolent campaigns”. She continues to give a brief description of the forms of defection worldwide and concludes that:
“The greatest challenge is to ensure that the movement is the motive force driving the defections.”
Read the whole piece here


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