Social media recap: July 15-21

Each week we recap the posts we have had on social media. This is July 15 – 21!

Al Jazeera
Scholar Ramesh Srinivasan takes a look at the highly successfull Tamarod movement in Egypt. For him, the decentralized nature of the movement is what makes it work not only online, but also on the streets: “This decentralised network works perfectly with the chaotic nature of social media, which in theory allows one to friend, tweet, and communicate with any other actor… There is no simple way for the hierarchy to control or subvert the virality of a decentralized opposition.” Read this opinion piece here.

The Guardian
Slow developments only rarely make headlines. The Guardian reports on a global scale on the looming droughts, falling of underwater tables, and threat to food supply chains. The issue is especially manifesting itself in the Middle East. How would you transform this topic into a local story from your community? Read the article here.

International Media Support
The International Media Support has published its newest study from the MENA region, this time on media in Algeria. Read the study about authoritarianism and media in Algeria here.

“To be translated is to be fully recognized”
Abdelfattah Kilito says in this piece on both the relevance of translating into Arabic, but also the importance of the Arabic language to be translated.
Or as anthropoligist Reem Saad puts it: “There is a gap between knowledge produced ON the Arab world and knowledge produced IN the Arab world.” Read the article here.

Tunisia live
Tunisian documentary film-making has blossomed over the past decades. Documentaries have been noted as a critical successes and attracted significant audiences in Tunisia. Filmmakers also have more freedom to explore the genre after the revolution. Tunisia live lists seven documentaries from recent years. See the full list here.

Sama’a Al-Hamdani
„Transitional Justice and the Yemeni streets“
How do people feel about transitional justice and reconciliation to be initiated by the National Dialogue Conference. This video is part one of four of the series “Transitional Justice in Yemen” by blogger Sama’a Al-Hamdani alias Yemeniaty. Watch the video here.


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