menac: Meet the team – Kate!

© Committee of the Regions / Wim Daneels

I am working in the Middle East and North Africa Committee, because I believe in the rightness of menac’s objectives as well as its mission and vision. First of all, I personally cherish an experience of  intercultural learning. Contact with people from other cultures stimulates me, and gives me a feeling of inner enrichment. Human beings are fascinating to me and make me passionately curious about its nature, therefore I feel that peaceful coexistence of different cultures is something fundamental for our world and should be protected by all means. The special interests in the MENA region I got after experiencing many positive and mind-stimulating interactions with people from the region, from different countries, through the past years of my life. The reason why I work on the cultural dialogue particularly in relation to media is related to the conviction that media become the most powerful tool which shape the worldwide public sphere.

I also believe that stereotypes as well as biased and irresponsible journalism can cause inevitable damages to cultural dialogue. The best thing about working in menac is finding an outlet for my own interests. Regardless of that, I am lucky to work with many interesting and dedicated people, share with them ideas, knowledge, experience, gaining a positive motivation and good energy. I am really looking forward to further activities of menac that will bring more valuable projects, the expansion of its network, and the strengthening of its communication channels. Personally, I would like to bring  more partners and sustainable networkers from the Middle East and North Africa to menac in order to create cultural diversity of opinions while discussing further steps of the committee. Apart from this, I see menac one day becoming an important actor and voice in the international civil society.


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