menac: Meet the team – Anna!

photoI started working in menac to engage myself in volunteer work that is close to my own interests, such as journalism, intercultural exchange as well as to get to and implement different kinds of projects.

The thing for me about menac is that it is very flexible, because we have a good working team that is quite independent. I am also fond of the basic idea of menac: that it fosters dialogue and promotes a broader understanding for culture and diversity. So far I have lived more abroad than in my home country, and it has made me realise more than anything else how crucial it is to listen and understand other views and opinions besides the ones familiar to you.

Right now we are working on a peace journalism training project with young journalists and media-makers from Europe, Tunisia and Libya. Since I have a great interest in this topic, I hope to see the training happen as planned with motivated people who look forward for the intercultural dialogue and quality training sessions that we want to offer within this project. 


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