Blog: Minority Voices Day 6

Last day arrived faster than anyone expected. As morning came it was time for the media productions to be presented. Over three hours the participants saw, listen and read what the other groups had prepared, asked questions and discussed the productions from different perspectives.

If you are interested to listen to the presentations, they are available here:

To have a closer look at the media produced during the Minority Voices study session :

Group one: iMinority

Group two: Storify your news

Group three: Mobile reporting

After lunch the day moved on to evaluating the week and discuss the good and the bad, a very helpful part for us to improve in our coming projects. Participants revised the fears and expectations and reflected on how they can use all the things they learned during the week in their future work. Kate from the European Youth Press and Ruxandra from the Council of Europe then explained what possibilities there are for the participants to get further involved in the European Youth Press or the Council of Europe.
Lastly, and ending the Minority Voices study session, there was the Certificate hand-out, marking the end of this fantastic week. Thank you to all our participants, the team and the Youth Centre for hosting us, it was truly amazing!

Skärmavbild 2013-04-30 kl. 22.29.02


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