Blog: Minority Voices Day 5

Final day of production! The particpants were running up and down the stairs of the European Youth Centre in search for free space to edit, make a phone interview and look for lost team mates. They described their moods as ‘happy-tired’, feeling that the initital stress was gone, and that they had found a structure to work with in terms of already planned interviews, background material assembled and finished. At 16:00 they all gathered in their editorial teams for a peer review of their produced material. The idea behind this was for the participants to use and reflect about the new approaches they have learnt during the week – logic and human rights approaches to the media. It was also a space were they had time to really see what the others in their team had been working on and give constuctive critism and positive feedback.

Skärmavbild 2013-04-28 kl. 23.07.45Photo by: Ahmed Achour

After the peer review the evening continued – some groups having their material done before dinner, others working until midnight and after.


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