Blog: Minority Voices Day 2

Sometimes things that seem to be in contradiction to each other turns out to be complementary in the end. In our large session room at the European Youth Centre, surrounded by fascinating views of the city of Budapest, the participants of Minority Voices got academic-based lectures on logic rules through-out the day presented by Jamil Majid from Concordia International. The scientific approach that harshly breaks down logic of several media and undermines correctness of NGOs’ statements and campaigns visibly fascinated the journalists as well as the activists in the group, that were both taking part in discussion actively. “Fallacy, fallacy” Jamil Majid repeated while reflecting on the way that sentences and expressions are constructed and presented to the public. “Cherry picking”, “loaded words” and “hasty generalisations” are only a few examples of logical errors that can be easily spotted in the media. “I thought I know a lot about importance of proper use of words and its impact on a reader but today I learned that there is still more”, said one of participants after the session. These intense and mind-challenging exercises on logic were mixed with group energisers prepared by Solange and relaxing coffee breaks on the sunny balcony.

301945_10151683996189050_1578290462_n Learning to identify fallacies might be helpful for journalists and activists in their work.


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